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PB setup

PunkBuster is designed to keep itself up to date using our proprietary auto-update system. For cases where the auto-update fails, we have created a utility named PBSetup that can manually update one or more installations of PunkBuster.

To use PBSetup:

  • Download the appropriate version of PBSetup below
  • Run PBSetup
  • Click "Add a Game"
  • Choose the game you wish to update and confirm the installation path
  • Click "Update PunkBuster" to update the installations
Operating SystemVersionDownload
Windows3.8For All Windows Games
Linux3.2For 32-bit Linux Games (GUI version)
Linux3.2For 32-bit Linux Games (Command-line only version)
Linux3.2For 64-bit Linux Games (GUI version)
Linux3.2For 64-bit Linux Games (Command-line only version)
Mac OSX3.2For All Intel Mac OSX Games