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Trouble Ticket History:
05/30/2020 11:48:29 - "DimkaMir"
Note #20: I can submit any account information you ask for. I assume that when the Bf3 download started, those files that started to download could somehow interact with those that were already downloaded, well this is my version. Alex, I ask you, help me and deal with this problem.
01/25/2020 10:35:11 - "DimkaMir"
Note #19: Please do not ignore me and help with this problem.
12/12/2019 08:51:04 - "DimkaMir"
Note #18: Alex J, will you help me with this erroneous ban? I can attach a screen of dialogue to you, where it will be proved that my friend transfers his account so that I can verify it.
12/06/2019 05:48:06 - "DimkaMir"
Note #17: I donât need to deceive you, they blocked me by mistake.
12/02/2019 07:53:03 - "DimkaMir"
Note #16: In this correspondence it will be seen that my friend asked me to check his account.
11/28/2019 03:04:45 - "DimkaMir"
Note #15: I can throw you a screen of correspondence with my friend.
11/27/2019 13:06:20 - "DimkaMir"
Note #14: Yes, and judge for yourself, if I used third-party software, would I write to you? I'm already an adult, I donât need to do any hacks, I play on a more or less high level.
11/27/2019 11:59:49 - "DimkaMir"
Note #13: I did not hack your game and anything related to it. I'm not stupid to do this, and even if you think logically, then why should I do this? I have been playing the Battlefield series for a long time and didnât break any rules.
11/27/2019 11:56:12 - "DimkaMir"
Note #12: Check my ip address at which you logged in to your account. There it will be seen that only I entered my account and no one else. I was blocked by a mistake and I ask to appeal this ban.
11/27/2019 11:53:46 - "DimkaMir"
Note #11: And I ask you, help me with this problem, but this ban can be appealed, since there was no violation.
11/27/2019 11:53:01 - "DimkaMir"
Note #10: I didnât write that I was hacked, I wrote as it is. I did not play with any hacks or cheats, check my details, my computer, check everything that is possible. I do not want to lose my account, in which I invested a lot of time, effort and nerves. I donât see my guilt in the bath, only I have access to my account. I was not hacked, but I just helped a friend with his account. I logged out of my account and logged into it, and Battlefield started to download, although I have it installed, and I think I was given a ban because of this. And I want to pity him, because I donât see my guilt.
11/27/2019 11:47:02 - "Alex J"
Note #9: We do not find this violation to be triggered in error, and it will not be removed.

The supplied GUID has been associated with hacking or interfering with the normal operation of our PunkBuster software and has therefore been compromised resulting in a global ban from PunkBuster enabled game servers. We have no way of knowing who was actually playing with this GUID at the time the violation was triggered. We also have no way to know if the violation was triggered on your specific computer. Our system does not collect personal information and furthermore we have no way to attach a cheat/hack violation to a specific person. This ban will not be lifted as then the person who did trigger the violation would again be able to join PunkBuster Servers using this GUID.

To be clear: we are not saying that you cheated as we have no way to know who triggered the violation. If it is certain that no one playing on your computer ever had a cheat/hack violation triggered by PunkBuster, then your GUID (cdkey and/or game account password) has been stolen by or leaked to someone who has used it on a different computer to trigger the violation. We do not have the means to help you find out who is responsible for compromising your GUID.
11/06/2019 09:42:37 - "DimkaMir"
Note #8: I can give a lot of evidence that I did not play and do not play with hackers, check my profile or account for the use of some unidentified programs. I spent a lot of strength, nerves and time in this game, and all for what? Please help me with this problem :(
11/02/2019 14:35:49 - "DimkaMir"
Note #7: Will you help me fix this problem?
11/01/2019 07:24:56 - "DimkaMir"
Note #6: And I still get this "[01/11/2019 01:23:41] Violation (GAMEHACK) # 83019
[11.01.2019 17:48:09] Player DimkaMir kicked by ACI LiveSecure for ACI-PB-VIOLATION-83019-BF3 [Admin Decision] "
I do not know what happened. Why did the ban come to me, I am always for fair play, and especially in Battlefield, since I love this series.
11/01/2019 06:54:44 - "DimkaMir"
Note #5: Please check the following violation for a technical failure:

Ban Link: https://www.ggc-stream.net/search/server/guid/B3B6B21D
Date: 10/31/19, 5:25 PM
GUID: C322CEC243CDD03967EDC37AB3B6B21D
Game: Battlefield 3
Violation: Violation (GAMEHACK) #83019
11/01/2019 06:49:38 - "DimkaMir"
Note #4: C322CEC243CDD03967EDC37AB3B6B21D
Here is my PB GUID
10/31/2019 21:25:56 - "Alex J"
Note #3: Hello,

In order to assist you I will need some more information, including your PB GUID.

To see your GUID, go to your PB folder (located inside the game installation folder, commonly, C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\PunkBuster\BF3\pb) and look for the “pbcl.log”.

To find that folder, enter %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\PunkBuster\BF3\pb into the navigation bar in your Windows Explorer, as some folders in this path might be hidden folders. Unless you activated the option to see hidden folders, you will need to enter the correct path directly into the navigation bar.

Open the pbcl.log and look for the line "PB Server Assigned GUID = ", this is your GUID.

If the pbcl.log does not exist, please create a plain text file "pbcl.cfg" (use a text editor like "Notepad", make sure it has no additional '.txt' extension). Open the pbcl.cfg (again something like “Notepad”), copy the text pb_logtofile 1 and paste it into the pbcl.cfg. Then save the file and join a PB enabled server. After a few moments, you should have a new “pbcl.log” file in the PB folder.
10/31/2019 13:41:08 - "DimkaMir"
Note #2: In addition, I want to say that I myself am against hackers, I do not use any third-party programs. I always play honestly!
10/31/2019 12:35:06 - "DimkaMir"
Note #1: Ticket submitted to support staff.

Ticket Information
  Ticket Number: EB9770000986586
  Ticket Password: 372ba829e275dd9adb1602e07d0bfc
  Ticket Status: Open
  I've Agreed to the PunkBuster EULA: Yes
  Created:10/31/2019 12:34:47
Contact Information
  Name/Nickname: DimkaMir
  I am writing as a: Player
  E-mail: ** PROTECTED **
Game Information
  Game: Battlefield 3
  Game Mod:
  Game Version: The latest version o
Computer Information
  CPU Type: AMD 64
  CPU Speed:
  RAM Memory:4 Gb
  Operating System:Windows 7
  Video Card Type:AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series
  Video Card Driver Version:Drivers installed latest version
Network Information
  Network Speed:Faster than DSL/Cable 1Mbps